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I'm an elementary school principal and I have all them kids wetting their pants when I walk the halls.
Show me one good looking dictator
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Obviously I have no self-esteem
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 My nickname is Dead Eye Dick or just Dead Dick or Dick Heaad
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The three deaf, dumb and blind mice
These are words I never use: heretofore, thus, and tampons
Howdy Comrade
I only watch fake news on CNN
I'm so right wing it scares my friends and family
I like to get a tan before going to Jazz Fest
I've been told that my lazy eye is the least of my problems
Todo el mundo que conozco es un mentiroso pathogogicio
You must be thinking about ears are burning
Never underestimate a man that looks and acts like a cartoon character.  Someone else is in charge.
I was so misguided
Move mwen
I'm color blind, tone deaf and have no moral compass
Patsy Cline is my favorite singer
"Next time order the shrimp"
I have resting dictator face
My eyes have shrunk, my nose has gotten wider and my ears got huge, but  my erections lasted 70 years
I'm done trying to please everyone
 I play cards, mostly Fish
Crimea River
Yes, I'm packin'
The animal I most assoicate with? The fer-de-lance
this picture of me was drawn when the artist couldn't keep her eyes open
Lost my main squeeze but got my side squeeze
Can you tell if I'm to the right or left by my hair cut?
Gossip is a terrible thing to ignore
Taking my look to the next level
Just a nice, mostly blind, contour drawing
Living in real-time
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I'm a surrogate, everyone I know is
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