When do freckles become liver spots? What happened to my chiseled jawline?
It seems like I've spent my whole life waiting:
 I've had many nicknames, none of which I'm going to tell you
 Shoulders are over-rated
 I'm the kinda guy you don't want to meet in a dark alley or in the bright sun, anywhere.
 What ever happened to Cubie and the Blizzards?
 Used to ride bareback. Sometimes I'd do it bare-naked for special boys. I was such a devil, still am I reckon.
 I'm naked with or without my pearls
 I prefer Tolstoy over Dostyevsky
 Full or part time babysitter. No references available.
 Still have my baby teeth
 Going for the Martin Luther look
 Flowered wallpaper in every room
 Cartoons. Save your sanity
 No sex scandal here. No sex period.
 Blind in one eye, but no one can tell
 Mime your own business
 I fight with my shower curtain every time I shower.
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