Commissioned portrait prices: 12 X 12 inches $550, 14 X 14 inches $750 16 X 16 inches $980, 18 X 18 inches $1,240,  20 X 20 inches $1.525,  30 X 30 inches,$3440,  $1,525, 30 X 40 inches $4,585.  All works are done in acrylic, and gold leaf, except for the ones done on paper which are done in gouache, or the Iconvicts done in gouache on tin and gold leafed.  For bulk orders ask for Mr. Whiskers. 

Work includes acrylic paintings on canvas with gold leaf ranging in size from 5X5 inches to 4X3 feet.  Crosses are acrylic, gold leaf on wood.  Light switch plates are acrylic, gold leaf on metal. The iconvicts, dark figures are acrylic, gold leaf painted on tin with wooden gold leafframes. There are pen and ink drawings on paper and gouache paintings on paper and pottery with gold leaf.  I dream in gold leaf. Egg heads are gouache and gold leaf on either wood or pottery. The Thug Jugs are collaborative pieces of pottery with husband John Hodge: he threw the pieces I made the faces and he fired them. The rest are drawings done directly on my telephone, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung has not given me anything for the free advertising.